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Mistletoe and Roses

I really believe you either have it or you don't when it comes to being a good salesperson.I was bit by the sales bug when I was a wee child and have never looked back!I was about 5 when my Dad cut mistletoe out of a tree in our yard to remove the parasitic growth.I cut the growth into about 20 sections, tied a bow around each, and went to knocking on the neighbor's doors.Either they really wanted a kiss under the mistletoe from a loved one or they felt sorry for me.Either way I made some dough and couldn't be happier.I look back and wonder how my parents could have allowed me to just take off to pursue my first sale at that tender age without them holding my hand.I'm resolved to the fact that it was the '60's and we just did stuff like that.Luckily I'm here to blog about it!The next big sale day came when I was visiting my Grandfather in Fresno.He was a contemporary architect and lived on a lovely street.The neighbor on one side grew the most amazing roses.I climbed over the stone wall separating our homes as she was out trimming the rose bushes one summer day.She allowed me to gather all the slightly spent blooms and off I went.Within an hour I had sold all the flowers.I still can picture the vibrant array wrapped in The Fresno Bee newspaper as I proudly trotted to the surrounding homes.I firmly believe what separates me from the average sales person is I really believe in the product I'm selling.For over 20 years marketing properties in beautiful Paso Robles and the surroundings towns makes me as proud as the 5 year old with mistletoe and roses.

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