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My Move to Paso Robles

When I moved to Paso Robles from San Luis Obispo in 1992 I was fascinated with this town. Cattle dogs surfing in the back of flatbed trucks, Lake Nacimiento which is shaped like a dragon, A & W with real carhop service, Pesenti Winery where you tasted Zinfandel straight out of a shot glass, and weirdly the talk of huge water underground. Tons of water? In SLO we painted our dying lawns with green paint! If you currently live in Paso Robles

you are hearing a lot about our water, or lack of water. It's easy to throw the blame around. Fingers are pointing at the vineyards, developers, and to our ill-planned uphill sewer plant which takes fresh water to push out the bad stuff. It's time to get real. Vineyards try getting high yields with more water. Slowly cutting back may actually get the farmer a better quality grape. I'm not saying to do it because you have to but because it could help all of us. Once a few notable vineyards do this the word will spread. The general public whether on city water, mutual water or well water should also be in the game. Water should be treated like gold. Be grateful that you have it, take great care of it, and don't waste it. 

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